Define your legacy through service

Giving back doesn’t come with a playbook.

Until now.

Going from athletic excellence to social entrepreneurship brings a whole new arena of challenges. Discover the community and support of a concierge membership designed by and for professional athletes like you.

Whether you want to create a donor advised fund or start a scholarship program, sports camp, or other type of charitable initiative, we help you get strategic, stay compliant and make sustainable service happen more easily- on your schedule. 

Given our history, some might even call it our speciality
Build your impact on our robust foundation of charitable giving:

Thousand Donors (Individual and Corporations)
Million Federal and Private Grants Received
Million Distributed to Charities
Charitable Programs Supported

Be more than a living legend.
Be a giving legend.

Activating the impact only an athlete can make

Not all social entrepreneurs have whole stadiums already in their corner. We’ll help you refine your vision and define your goals – with all the resources your team needs to get moving.

There’s no limit to the good you can do when you leave it all on the field with Athletes Charitable.

“Athletes Charitable is a game changer. We are empowering professional athletes to maximize their brands and national influence through philanthropy; turning their passion into impact. This hands-on support will build on their legacy and positively transform communities for generations.”


– Hannibal Navies
Vice President of Development

We’re changing the game of giving. Join now.

One membership. Everything you need to make a difference.

There’s nothing left to do but give.

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