Athletes Charitable Members rewarded for their impact

Athletes Charitable members strive to achieve excellence through their philanthropic efforts and social entrepreneurship. Winning a prestigious award that acknowledges efforts to serve their community is the ultimate recognition of an athlete’s hard work and dedication, and a true testament to their  impact.

Member, Wendell Carter Jr., center forward for the Orlando Magic and founder of the A Platform2 Foundation, became the 19th recipient of the Rich and Helen Devos Community Enrichment Award for 2022. The community enrichment award is given in recognition of acts of kindness and generosity, which Carter Jr. has exemplified on and off the court. By winning the CEA award, Carter will be granted $20,000 from the DeVos Family Foundation and an additional $5,000 from the Orlando Magic to donate to a charity of his choice. In an interview with the NBA, Carter stated, “It feels amazing. It’s very special just as a team trying to serve and give back to the community…I’m excited and looking forward to doing it again next year.”

We are also celebrating the one year anniversary of Member, Reggie Bullock, forward for the Dallas Mavericks and founder of the RemarkBULL Foundation, winning the 2022 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Social Justice Champion trophy last year.

“Bullock was selected from a group of five finalists for his dedication to pursuing social justice and advancing Abdul-Jabbar’s life mission to engage, empower and drive equality for individuals and groups who have been historically marginalized or systemically disadvantaged, specifically within the LGBTQ+ community.”

Finally, Athletes Charitable member, AJ Terrell, will be awarded the John Lewis Emerging Leader Award by the 100 Black Men of Atlanta philanthropic group at their banquet in June. This award is given to a deserving recipient who has begun to leave a lasting impact on the community. 

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Current Events

Diamond DeShields works with Maverick’s GEM Program

Athletes Charitable member, Diamond Deshields, in honor of women’s history month, joined the Dallas Mavs, Mavs Gaming, and the Dallas Wings, to meet with 40 young girls representing the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Dallas for the WNBA 2K23 experience. This evening was part of the Mavs’ GEM program which aims to engage, inspire and empower young girls through physical activity as a backdrop to their continued development and success.

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Charlie Batch Discusses Mental Health

Athletes Charitable brand ambassador, Charlie Batch, joined U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, in Pittsburg for a community discussion on mental health. Their conversation focused on destigmatizing mental health support for kids. and the efforts of community-based organizations, such as Charlie’s Best of the Batch Foundation, are undertaking to ensure young people have what they need to thrive.

Trey Dean Prepares for the Draft

AC leader, Hannibal Navies, will be attending the NFL Draft alongside member and former Florida Gator standout defensive back, Trey Dean. We look forward to all Trey will continue to do on and off the field and for a long and promising career in the NFL. Success at the next level will aid Dean in his pursuit of serving the next generation through his Trey Dean Foundation. Good luck, Trey!

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