Athletes Charitable Inaugural Ambassador: Charlie Batch 


He’s a former NFL Quarterback, a philanthropist, spokesman, and founder of the Best of the Batch Foundation. Charlie Batch knows all too well the needs athletes have related to developing and managing their community give-back initiatives. He’s been involved in philanthropy work for over 20 years which is why he’s been tapped to be the Athletes Charitable’s first inaugural athlete ambassador. This important role encompasses representing professional athletes and ensuring their voices are incorporated in decision-making, being a sounding board and thought leader, and offering support and guidance for athletes just getting started. In his role as an athlete ambassador, Charlie has provided immeasurable value and expertise, aiding in building a supreme membership experience at Athletes Charitable.

“Being in the industry over 20 years, and knowing what I know now about what it takes to build powerful community programming, I would have definitely signed on to getting support and guidance from an organization like Athletes Charitable early in my career.”  -Charlie Batch

Our members give back for the Holidays

Charlie Batch Batch-A-Toys Drive

Member, Charlie Batch, will be hosting his annual Batch-A-Toys fundraiser through Best of the Batch Foundation. They will adopt more than 250 families from various counties and provides toys to children, essential household items to adults, and a holiday meal basket for the entire family throughout the Pittsburgh area.

Diamond DeShields Gives Eye Care

Member, Diamond Deshields, and her 3-D foundation will be gifting optometry services for five elementary school students in Clarkston, Georgia who are  in need this holiday season.

Michael Vick Christmas Initiative

Member, Michael Vick and The Vick Family Dream Fund will be supporting seven deserving families from his local church, Psalms Ministry, over the Christmas holiday. They will also be making a donation to his local Boys and Girls Club in Newport News, Virginia. 

Wendell Carter Christmas Gifts for At-Risk Youth 

Member, Wendell Carter, and A Platform2 foundation, in partnership with Boys2Men Mentoring in Orlando, were able to provide Nike hoodies and socks, Orlando Magic gear, food gift cards, bags, and more for 65 male students in 6th – 12th grades in the Orlando area.

Did you know?

Did you know that a donor advised fund allows donors to make charitable contributions and receive an immediate tax deduction while being able to recommend grants from the fund over time? Donors can contribute to the fund as frequently as they like and then grant funds to the charity of their choice whenever it is most appropriate for them. 

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, it is important for our members to make a contribution to their DAF in order to receive the tax deduction for 2022. Reach out to your Athletes Charitable team member for assistance.


Hannibal’s Huddle

Advice from an industry expert and the leader of Athletes Charitable


“As a former NFL player, NFLPA executive along with founder to 360 Sports Leadership Academy,  it has been my goal with Athletes Charitable to provide tools to fully support athletes when they decide to start a foundation. The beauty of Athletes Charitable is to provide a turnkey solution for our members such that they will feel 100% confident that their program is compliant and can serve a true purpose.”

-Hannibal Navies