Vice President of Development

Hannibal Navies is leading the charge at Athletes Charitable as Vice President of Development.  Hannibal is a 9-year NFL Veteran, social entrepreneur, influencer, and founder of 360 Sports Academy and the Hannibal Navies Foundation.  In addition to being part of the brotherhood of the NFL, Hannibal is passionate about philanthropy and social good efforts that create meaningful change in disenfranchised communities.  His education includes an executive MBA and entrepreneurial certification from Harvard University.  He most recently served as the Director of Engagement & Outreach for The Trust, powered by the National Football Players Association. This effort provides transitioning NFL players with the support and resources needed to ensure their success outside the game of football. His leadership in this work reflects the dedication that Hannibal has for empowering professional athletes and his desire to see them thrive beyond their sports careers.


Karrie Crocker

Strategic Membership Advisor

Karrie Crocker brings over a decade of experience gained from working in higher academics. She is a college professor at Mercer University and Remington College within the Liberal Arts program specifically focusing on Communication Studies & Public Speaking. As a public speaking instructor, she engages and works with traditional and non-traditional students to enhance their ability to present personally and professionally in many different settings. She also creates and develops course content within her curriculum to ensure forward progress with her students and her university.

Karrie also serves as a Strategic Membership Advisor for Athletes Charitable, a new division of United Charitable launched in 2021. Athletes Charitable empowers professional athletes to maximize their brands and national influence through philanthropic giving. 



Membership Coordinator

Eden Dorsey is an alumnus of Pepperdine University where she earned a degree in Sports Administration and competed on the Division I Track and Field team. She has extensive experience across marketing, branding, partnerships, experiential events, and program management within the sports industry. As the newest staff member of Athletes Charitable, she is excited to guide athletes/entertainers on their social entrepreneurship journey in her role as a Membership Coordinator.



Taylor Kizziah

Head of Graphics 

Taylor Kizziah has navigated a unique career path blending her passion for education with her artistic talents in the non-profit sector. Her journey began at the esteemed University of Georgia, where she pursued her undergraduate degree in Education. Taylor’s time at UGA was marked by her dedication to academic excellence, active involvement in campus organizations, and a profound commitment to fostering inclusive learning environments.

Seeking to merge her passion for education with her artistic flair and passion for helping others, Taylor made a pivotal career transition to the non-profit sector, focusing on graphic design. She used her design expertise to craft compelling visual narratives that supported various advocacy campaigns and amplified the voices of marginalized communities, contributing significantly to raising awareness, fundraising efforts, and overall impact for the causes she deeply believed in. As the head of Graphics at Athletes Charitable, her passion is to bring our members’ causes to life by capturing their vision in graphics and media. 


Charlie Batch

Athlete Ambassador

Mr. Charlie Batch is a former NFL quarterback turned tech entrepreneur, medical cannabis Investment Strategist, media personality and color analyst, community advocate, and professional speaker.

His NFL career spanned 15 years and two Super Bowl victories. In retirement, Mr. Batch continues to be a respected strategist in the NFL, providing game-day commentary for Steelers broadcasts and several national media outlets. He also serves as Senior Captain for The Trust Powered by the NFLPA, an initiative that Mr. Batch helped negotiate with NFL team owners during the 2011 collective bargaining negotiations. The result is an organization committed to the wellbeing of former players, offering them a game plan that includes career, financial, and physical (brain and body) resources. This is a natural segue into another special role for Mr. Batch. He is a Transition Consultant for the NFLPA, helping former players achieve their dreams after football.

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