Think Tank Anniversary

November 2022

Athletes Charitable values the voices and expertise of all the members and stakeholders connected to the work of the organization. Part of starting the process of building the Athletes Charitable framework was listening to industry experts through a Think Tank event in October of 2021. In order to learn more about the various markets, best practices, and strategy expertise, we invited 25 thought leaders to be part of this rich experience. These industry experts from the sectors of athletics, philanthropy, finance, business, leadership, and entrepreneurship provided their expertise during the important pre-launch beta phase of Athletes Charitable. We heard from leaders in the field that will empower our work and embolden our members from the very start. The Athletes Charitable Think Tank helped develop a framework for Members to have the unique benefit of accessing tailored support and resources all through one membership package.

Current Events

Wendell Carter Jr. Receives Presidential Scholar Award

Athletes Charitable is proud to recognize our member, Wendell Carter Jr. as he is awarded the Presidential Volunteer Service award. This honor recognizes the important role of volunteers in America’s strength and national identity. This award honors individuals whose service positively impacts communities in every corner of the nation and inspires those around them to take action, too. The mayor of Orlando will present this award to Wendell Carter Jr. along with the City of Orlando Proclamation. Congratulations to Wendell and his family!

DJ Reader hosts Inaugural Charity event

Athletes Charitable member DJ Reader hosted his inaugural charity bowling event for his foundation, A Son Never Forgets. ASNF will be partnering with Shroder High School for the inaugural “Reader Resource Room” initiative in honor of David Reader Sr. which will focus on providing students with essential needs and information that will support student success. Congratulations to DJ!

Did you know?

Did you know that within our membership package, we provide a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) which is for individuals who want to make an impact and for a business that wants to give back?

A DAF is a philanthropic vehicle that allow donors to contribute their cash and non-cash assets to a sponsoring organization that administers the funds to go hand in hand to serve a harmonious purpose.


Hannibal’s Huddle

Advice from an industry expert and the leader of Athletes Charitable


Hannibal Navies has been laying the groundwork for greatness to evolve at Athletes Charitable since meeting Julia Healey, CEO of United Charitable, and sharing his vision to empower athletes’ philanthropic endeavors. His love and passion for supporting people were evoked by his late father, Richard D Navies, who was a community staple in his hometown of Oakland, California, and made a significant impact not through words, but through deeds of kindness and charity.

After a 9-year NFL career, Hannibal founded 360 Sports Academy, a company dedicated to developing student-athletes into leaders, that was designed to help athletes with their social good efforts, branding, and bolstering their positive public image. In tandem with this role, Navies stepped into another role as Director of Engagement and Outreach at The Trust powered by the NFLPA. In this role he was tasked with helping spearhead a new division that helped NFL players transition to life after football. Navies designed new player transition programs, and successfully managed all outreach and engagement efforts which catapulted The Trust as the leader in its space. These experiences coupled with his experience being a professional athlete point to the value of Hannibal Navies’ leadership and expertise